PCO Licence Renewal

Your PCO licence enables you to operate as a mini cab driver in the City of London and last for 3 years.  Therefore, it is essential that you keep a note of when your licence is due for renewal.

TfL will send you your renewal pack 4-6 weeks ahead of The deadline.

The majority of the forms will be already filled out, so you need to read through the details and make sure everything is correct.

As part of the renewal process, it is important that you follow these guidelines:

  • Read through thoroughly and sign the declarations
  • Send your renewal application form in before the expiration of your current PCO-licence
  • Remember to send both the Licence Fee and the Application Fee with your completed form
  • A new DBS (CRB) check is required (as they only have a validity of 3 months)
  • A new Medical Check is also required

Currently licensed drivers who hold a EC/EEA licence will be required to obtain a GB counterpart when they apply to be re-licensed. Failure to obtain a GB counterpart prior to the expiry of the existing licence will not be grounds for not re-licensing, but the licence will be issued on condition that a GB counterpart is obtained and produced to TfL within 3 months.


When Can I Expect My New Licence?

Your new PCO Licence will be sent out to you before your current one expires, provided there are no problems or issues with your renewal application forms.

What if I Am Late In Renewing My PCO-Licence And Miss The Deadline?

In the event of a driver submitting an application for renewal of his licence after the expiry of the previous licence there will be no guarantee of the immediate issue of a new licence. The driver may have to wait until all processes, including the return of a satisfactory CRB (DBS) check, have been completed.

The new licence shall have effect from the date it is issued, not the date of expiry of the preceding licence or the date of application.

Any driver applying to renew his licence more than three months after the expiry of the preceding licence, the driver should be treated as a new applicant. This will require the driver to obtain a new medical examination and wait until all necessary checks have been completed before a licence can be issued.

Any driver who submits a renewal application after the expiry of his licence must be advised that he is no longer licensed and cannot work until a new licence is issued.